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3rd Annual HSBC Chinese Restaurant Awards at Red Star Seafood on Follow me Foodie

September 30, 2010

The 3rd annual HSBC Chinese Restaurant Awards was hosted by Red Star Seafood Restaurant in Richmond, BC. This campaign shines some light on metro Vancouver’s much deserved Chinese food scene.

The HSBC Chinese Restaurant Awards has 2 components: The Diners’ Choice Awards and The Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Awards.

For the first time this year the public can participate and vote online, from Sept. 28-Oct. 5, for their favourite Chinese restaurants to participate in the 2011 competition. From there the top 20 restaurants will be selected and another cycle of online voting (from Oct.6- Nov. 12) will determine the winner of The Diners’ Choice Award. Click here to start nominating.

For the Critics’ Choice Signature Dish component, 11 judges were hand selected to form the panel, and no, they were not only the CEO’s of the sponsoring companies. The judges include restaurant professionals, journalists and those that have a strong knowledge of Chinese Cuisine. A few members of  the Canadian Dim Sum Chefs Association, Chinese Canadian Chefs Association and Hong Kong Canadian Chinese Chefs Club also joined the panel. Each judge was given 400 Chinese restaurants in metro Vancouver, and by mid-September they submitted 3-5 of their favourites from the list for each category. Through November to December the judges are to taste all the recommendations from all judges to vote on the 24 Gold Signature Dish winners as well as name a Chinese Chef of the Year.

All winners will be announced at an Awards Ceremony to be held on January 18, 2011.

My thoughts…

The HSBC Chinese Restaurant Awards is a great way to incorporate the Chinese food scene to mainstream media. If it wasn’t for this, all there would be is the Vancouver Magazine Awards which only involves about 3 categories for Chinese restaurants. With 4 regions and over 160 cities in China and endless cooking styles, 3 categories is not enough. The annual HSBC Chinese Restaurant Awards is a step in the right direction.

It’s no doubt that Vancouver, BC is famous for having the best Chinese food in the world. It’s common to hear locals, tourists and critics say that Vancouver’s Chinese food is comparable or even better than to what is available in Hong Kong. I spent this past April in Hong Kong trying some of Hong Kong’s best food, and I still believe that metro Vancouver’s Chinese food is untouchable. Being on the West Coast our seafood is first-class and many of Hong Kong’s renowned chefs have come to Canada to share their culinary techniques and talent.

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CRA in the News

CRA in the News

CRA in the News