The rationale behind Signature Dish by Conrad Leung

Conrad Leung

Department Head, Asian Culinary Program, Vancouver Community College 

“I am honoured to take part in what I believe is an important and exciting cultural experience.  The 2009 Chinese Restaurant Awards is very significant as it embraces a culinary history of China that is thousands-year old.

I wish to emphasize the unique approach adopted by this year’s judging panel.  The rationale behind awarding signature dishes is how appropriately it defines Chinese’s love for quality food and divine flavour, a passion that triumphs above other elements, such as atmosphere and service.  The criteria established by the panel allow restaurants to concentrate on the art of cooking, through development and application of specialized skills and creative concepts.     

The 2009 Chinese Restaurant Awards will strive towards achieving two
primary goals.  Firstly, it not only encourages healthy competition,
but also honours restaurants in the Lower Mainland that demonstrate
excellence in producing outstanding dishes.  Secondly, this event will
raise wider awareness and interest in Chinese culinary arts. 
Vancouver’s international culinary image is comparatively on the high
side, the list of winners will definitely be an affirmative guideline
to the public in selecting the ‘cream of the crop’.

I believe this experience is a worthwhile one and very much look
forward to involvment in the further growth of Chinese culinary arts in
locally and abroad.”