• Until the official announcement of the awards result, voting remains confidential.
• Each judge must vote for at least 15 of the 18 cuisine style categories and recommend at least two dishes to be tasted at some of the selected establishments.
• Each judge must vote for the “Best Restaurant of the Year” category and recommend at least two dishes to be tasted at the selected restaurant.
• Each judge must recommend a “Worth to Explore” restaurant and recommend at least two dishes to be tasted at the selected restaurant.
• Judges must have eaten at the restaurants they nominate within the past 12 months.
• Judges are not permitted to vote for restaurants they own or have any financial interests in.
• Judges must not receive any special treatments from restaurants and must avoid voting for such restaurants. Your actual dining experience as a regular diner is the true reflection of the restaurant’s standards.
• A restaurant cannot be voted for on the basis on an experience that did not take place at the restaurant itself, such as a chef or a restaurant staging a dinner at another location.
• A restaurant that is closed or will close within 3 months of the publication of the list cannot be voted for by voters. Also, temporary and pop-up restaurants are ineligible.
• Prior to the official announcement of the awards results, voters should remain anonymous.



What has motivated us to reform the Chinese Restaurant Awards’ format in 2022?

One of Chinese Restaurant Awards’ important mission is to promote the diversity of regional Chinese cuisine and Taiwanese cuisine. We believe the new list will create a new positive impact and will receive a well-deserved recognition for the restaurant industry, while inspiring diners to seek out exciting dining experiences once again, which are readily available and currently trending in Greater Vancouver. “Signature Dishes” is the core and founding concept for Chinese Restaurant Awards since 2008, so it will remain a major component of the new list, serving as the unique guide for what diners shall taste and experience at the award-winning eateries.

Will there be an award ceremony in 2022?

We have decided to put the ceremony on pause for 2022 while we implement these changes. We will be focusing on creating more content with the results to promote and foster Chinese and Taiwanese culinary excellence in Greater Vancouver. The 2022 awards will be announced on Thursday, November 30.

How does a restaurant make it to the list of Vancouver’s 20 Best?

The list is the collective result of a poll of 21 independent food critics, media members, F&B industry players, opinion leaders, and frequent diners, who each cast their votes for establishments they enjoyed the most in the past 12 months, along with signature dishes recommendations. Executives and staff of the Chinese Restaurant Awards do not vote and have no control of the list, in which restaurants cannot apply to be on the list either.

What criteria does a restaurant have to meet?

Restaurants do not have to meet certain criteria or serve a particular dish to be eligible for voting. As long as it is open for business during the voting period and does not plan to close shortly after we publish the results, it is eligible for consideration by our judging panel that year.

What are the voting criteria for the judging panel?

Judges have dined there within the 12 months prior to the voting period. Judges are asked to submit their choice of at least 15 most favourite establishments out of the 18 best cuisine and food style categories, as well as the “Best Restaurant of the Year” and “Worth to Explore” award categories. They are also asked to submit their recommendations of dishes to be tasted at their selected restaurants. The top three recommended dishes of the winning establishment will be listed as “Signature Dishes”.

In what way was the judging panel assembled?

Chinese Restaurant Awards’ executive team and core judging panel led by judging chair Mr. Lee Man assembled a group of 21 judges (including Mr. Lee Man himself and the core judging panel members Ms. Alexandra Gill and Mr. Brendon Mathews). Among the judges, there is a well-balanced mix of restaurateurs, F&B industry players, food critics, frequent diners, and well-travelled gourmets who understand Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines and know the establishments well. At least 20% of the judges will change each year.

When it comes to voting, how do judges decide?

Since everyone’s taste differs, so too will their ideas of what constitutes a great restaurant experience. Besides food quality and value, judges shall also evaluate the mastery of flavour, cooking techniques, and consistency between visits when votes are casted.

Can judge choose to stay anonymous?

When the awards result is to be announced, Chinese Restaurant Awards will list 21 judges’ full names, titles, and companies or their representing field of expertise. Judges will also have the option to stay anonymous.


For any more questions, please contact Chinese Restaurant Awards.

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