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Crafting the Ultimate Restaurant Guide for The Fifth Annual Chinese Restaurant Awards
November 5, 2012

For the past five years, Vancouver has witnessed a tremendous growth in the local Chinese culinary scene and has recognized

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The Best Culinary Elites Honored at 2012 Chinese Restaurant Awards
January 9, 2012

(Vancouver, B.C.) – Through flaming woks and steaming plates, the Chinese Restaurant Awards (CRA) embarked on a journey four years

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Diners’ Choice Awards Winners – The Votes Are In
December 5, 2011

(Vancouver, B.C.) –  The diners have spoken, and their votes tell a tale of the most popular Chinese restaurants, cafes,

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The Fourth Annual Chinese Restaurant Awards returns with a handful of surprises
October 16, 2011

(Vancouver, B.C.) – Vancouver’s splendid dining scene is inseparable with the excellence of local Chinese restaurants. Delicious Chinese dishes made

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Put your Chopsticks Together for the first Signature Dish Dining Festival
October 15, 2011

(Vancouver, B.C.) – Opportunities to sample exclusive menus at the city’s finest dining spots have been fascinating to food enthusiasts

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CRA and the winning chefs at Dragon Feast of the Century
June 14, 2011

We were glad to see some of the CRA award winning chefs again at Dragon Feast of the Century held

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