1661 Granville St 1st Floor, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N3


Chang’An Food and Culture at its Finest
With the slew of restaurants that have recently opened serving traditional Peking Duck our judges feel that one of the earliest restaurants that focused on Northern Chinese style dishes, Chang’An, remains the best. The chef selects the largest ducks he can from the Fraser Valley, and roasts them based upon the diner’s reservation time to ensure they arrive at the table at their absolute peak crispness and succulence. The full duck is put to good use, with spicy cumin fried duck bones while wontons are served in a rich duck broth made from the carcasses. The kitchen takes tremendous pride in their hand made pastry work with the pork sliders and pan fried chive pork dumplings being particular favorites. An order of the peanut cilantro salad brings bright freshness to the meal. The room and location may be one of the most beautiful in Vancouver, with huge windows highlighting unobstructed views of False Creek. At sunset, the restaurant feels like its magically floating above golden dappled water

by the judges

Chang’an Roasted Duck
Cucumber & Cold Noodles in Chili sesame and hot and sour sauce
Pan fried chive pork dumplings
Pork belly sliders
Twice Cooked Rack of Lambs
Wok Fried Cumin Duck Bone
Wonton in Duck Soup

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