The Fish Man

8391 Alexandra Rd #1170, Richmond, BC V6X 3W5


Sichuan Vigor Meets BC Seafood

Sichuan restaurants have been taking Vancouver and Richmond by storm – bringing spice and numbing mala heat to appreciative diners. While Cantonese restaurants have always the freshest ingredients, The Fish Man represents the next step in how spicy flavours can be married with local ingredients to become a real Vancouver style expression of Sichuan food. Our judges loved how Chef Bo Li incorporates fresh BC ling cod with Sichuan preparations with bright spicy sour cabbage or the deep hot notes of Sichuan peppers and chili oil. The resulting dish have a surprising delicacy and a balanced cleanness despite the use of chilies. There is real skill and thought in the cooking. Delicate sweet ribbons of fresh geoduck clams are given just the right amount of spicy lift and BC Dungeness crabs are given the classic spicy Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter style treatment. The restaurant is remarkably casual and approachable – reflecting the easy-going Sichuan style of communal dining. Delicious spicy dishes, cold beers to cool the palate, and friendly boisterous conversations all come together at our pick for Restaurant of the Year.

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