Critics' Choice Awards

Chinese food is famed for its notably cooking styles. Lovers of Chinese cuisine often go far and wide to find the right bowl of noodles, the perfect king crab or the most delicate dim sum morsels. The chef’s attention to choosing and applying the ingredients and his/her cooking technique defines a signature dish that showcases their passion, creativity and expertise. The Critics’ Signature Dish Awards celebrates this excellence.

For the past seven years, Vancouver has witnessed a tremendous growth in the local Chinese culinary scene and has recognized outstanding dishes produced by talented chefs and their skilled staffs, under the watchful eyes and discerning tastes of those behind the annual Chinese Restaurant Awards. This year’s judging panel is again made up of four prominent local food critics, who are not only experts in the field of Chinese cuisine but also familiar with the history of Chinese Restaurant Awards as they have been involved since its inception. The entire judging panel has conducted tastings individually and together as a group since September 2014, sharing information and recommending potential tasting destinations to each other for choosing the must-eat signature dishes for the year of 2015. They had casted votes by the end of March by secret ballots. All ballots were sent to EY Canada, the official auditor of the awards. Winners of the 2015 Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Awards for Metro Vancouver region had been announced. Please see the result below.


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Critics' Choice Signature Dish Awards

(10 awards from the below 9 major categories)

  • Soup

  • Rice / Noodle

  • Seafood

  • Poultry

  • Meat

  • Dim Sum

  • StephenWong_web.jpg
    Stephen Wong
    Founding Chair
    The founding Chair of the Chinese Restaurant Awards, Stephen is a recognized authority on Chinese cuisine. A respected chef and former restaurateur, Stephen produces Granville Island Market‘s popular Chefs in the Market series. Stephen is also a judge of the Vancouver Magazine Awards and author of 100 Best Asian Noodle Recipes.
  • LeeMan_web.jpg
    Lee Man
    Born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Lee Man is a local food writer with a particular passion for Chinese and Asian cuisine. Lee is a regular contributor to and Vancouver Magazine and is a judge for their annual restaurant awards, Lee’s work has also been featured in Wine Access, Northwest Best Places, Time Out and Eat Magazine.
  • BrendonMatthews_web.jpg
    Brendon Mathews
    Brendon lives and eats in Richmond. He wrote about food for more than five years at the Richmond Review, then moved online to the popular Vancouver website where he posts under the ‘nom de net’ Keith Talent. Brendon’s a frequent contributor to Vancouver Magazine, and a judge for the annual Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards.
  • blankcritic.gif
    Foodie Yau
    An internet food critic, a devoted travel writer & gourmet writer to boot. For the past 2 decades, be it a 5 star hotel or street food, he has always been willing to try anything, as long as it tastes good.