Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit by Supporting the Future of Health Care 

Chinese Restaurant Awards is honoured to be invited again to be a part of Scotiabank’s Feast of Fortune Charity Gala at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver on February 11th, 2023. We will create a unique culinary experience during the gala reception and curate this year’s Gifts of Fortune, supporting St Paul’s Foundation’s fundraising efforts for the future of health care at the Clinical Support and Research Centre on the Jim Pattison Medical Campus.

Over $8.7 million has been raised by the community since 2008 to support life-saving diagnostic tools, surgical equipment, research studies, and much more. Since 2018, Chinese Restaurant Awards has partnered with St Paul’s Foundation to bring culinary excellence to inspire more donations. Over the years, the Chinese Restaurant Awards has become a signature partner of the Feast of Fortune.


Gifts of Fortune 2023

Gifting has been a Lunar New Year tradition to show love and appreciation. Both with limited quantities, these three gourmet gifts are the tasteful way to kickstart the Year of the Rabbit. Sharing these fortunes with family, friends, and even business connections can also raise awareness for the future of health care and support local businesses.

The Master Chefs series
Premium Artisan XO Sauce and Poon Choi Feast
by Chef’s Choice Chinese Cuisine

Pick up address: Chef’s Choice Chinese Cuisine
955 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K3
Call to order (604) 558-1198

The charity sales has ended. If you are interested to order the restaurant version of XO Sauce, please call Chef’s Choice directly.

Winner of the 2021 Game Changer Award and Signature Dish Award, Chef’s Choice Chinese Cuisine supports the Gifts of Fortune by offering the newly visioned Special Edition Premium Artisan XO Sauce from Master Chefs series and the Lunar New Year celebration Poon Choi feast, designed by their master chef Tommy Pang. This Signature XO Sauce comes beautifully packaged in elegant red to symbolize prosperity for the new year. It is prepared using a variety of premium ingredients, including Hokkaido dried scallops, refined dried shrimp, Canadian Pure Canola Oil, Chinese ham, chili oil, garlic, shallots, sea salt, and soy sauce.

Poon Choi is a favourite communal feast for the Lunar New Year. With layers of dried oysters, sea cucumber, tiger prawns, marinated chicken, pork knuckles, goose webs and more to create a uniquely Cantonese umami taste, the feast is meant to share the joy and prosperity of the new year with family and friends.


The art of Chinese tea and tea-pairing.
Supreme White Peony and Monkey Picked Tieguanyin premium tea gift set
Curated by Lam Kie Yuen Tea Co. Ltd.

address: Aroma Tea House
8059 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6P 4Z5 (by W 65th Ave)

Limited to 150 sets only. 30% of the proceeds of each gift set will be donated to the charity’s goal.

The charity sales has ended. If you are interested to explore more premium teas, please visit Aroma Tea House directly.

A sumptuous Lunar New Year feast shall be elevated with premium tea pairing. Fortune’s beautifully packaged premium Chinese tea set is a special collaboration with Lam Kie Yuen Tea Co. Ltd, the globally prominent tea supplier based in Hong Kong since 1955.

Carefully curated by the family’s second generation tea master Eliza Lam, this premium tea set includes the delicate white tea – Supreme White Peony (40g) and the exceptional oolong tea Monkey Picked Tieguanyin (75g), which are the cornerstones of tea pairing.

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Feast of Fortune 2023 Awardwinning and New Wave talents

Guests and donors at Scotiabank’s Feast of Fortune charity gala will enjoy an exquisite culinary experience. Curated by Chinese Restaurant Awards, these Vancouver’s 20 Best Award winners and new wave chefs will collaborate and prepare delectable surprises to open the Feast of Fortune charity gala at JW Mariott PARQ Vancouver.

Deseree Lo
Top Chef Canada season 10 runner-up

Chef Deseree (Dez) Lo, born in Hong Kong and grew up in Taiwan, started her culinary journey after graduating from New York University and working in the finance sector in New York City in the early 2000’s before deciding to pursue a lifelong passion for cooking that had been simmering on the back burner for years. She came by it honestly – her culinary desire was instilled in her at an early age while growing up in a multi-generational family of talented home cooks in Asia and eating at night markets and street stands with friends and family.

William Lew
Executive Chef of Club Versanté

Chef Will Lew’s dream was always to be an artist. Growing up, his earliest memories about cooking were with his grandfather as child cooking, drawing, painting, and woodworking every weekend. His grandfather was a chef in Chinatown and from his dedication in the kitchen Will gained the love of food, fine arts, and creativity. Will had many interests in art and performance and grew up a violinist playing in many orchestras along with his earliest jobs as a violinist for various musicals around the city. One summer while obtaining an animal biology degree from UBC and playing in musicals he discovered professional kitchens for the first time.

Toby Chen
Chef de Partie, L’ABATTOIR

Before graduating from Vancouver Community College’s culinary arts program in 2020, the young and bright Toby Chen was apprentice at several upscale restaurants such as 1886 at Parq, Minami Restaurant in Yaletown. He also actively learnt from many renowned chefs through his volunteer works at the Awards’ events. Currently, Toby is the chef de partie at the acclaimed French restaurant L’ABATTOIR. He is still humbly learning to work his way up and to refine his cooking through various opportunities, including being featured and able to work alongside with some master chefs at the MASTERS Finale 2022.

Li Bo
Executive Chef, The Fish Man

Chef Li Bo is a 38 year old industry veteran who started his cooking journey at 18. He is the winner of Rising Star Chef of the Year 2022. His restaurant Fish Man has won Restaurant of the Year and Best Sichuan Restaurant 2022 awards in Vancouver’s 20 Best. His impeccable culinary skills and in-depth knowledge of Canadian seafood also won him two Critics’ Choice Awards in 2018 and 2021. Through his dedication and passion for refining his culinary skills, he is able to combine different cuisine styles, such as Japanese and Cantonese, into his vision of Sichuan seafood dishes. One of Chef Li Bo’s goals is to share more of his love of cooking by collaborating with other chefs at different occasions. He understands it’s essential to be active in the scene and to inspire the fellow chefs and be inspired.

Leo Wang
Executive Chef, Chang’An

Chef Leo Wang is an accomplished Chinese chef well versed in subtle arts of Shanxi and Northern Chinese regional culinary techniques. He started to become apprentice and discovered his passion of cooking when he was 20. Later, he met Chang’An management and that allowed him to learn more cooking techniques and operation of the restaurant. He became the executive chef in 2014 and has been leading the kitchen to win several important awards including the Awards’ Vancouver’s 20 Best Northern Chinese Restaurant, and Michelin Guide’s recommended list. At Chang’An, Chef Leo maintains a philosophy that continually challenges himself to take his cooking a step further.

2023 fundraising goal is for the future of medicine at the Clinical Support and Research Centre on the Jim Pattison Medical Campus. This purpose-built research and innovation complex will enable the most significant transformation in health care in BC’s history. Learn more >>>