By Mia Stainsby, Vancouver Sun

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This year, the critics’ choice signature dishes — the heart of the Chinese Restaurant Awards — were quietly awarded without the usual fanfare and ceremony because organizers were busy with other events.

Dim sum dishes were a highlight among the judges’ selections.

“We had Chef Tony (Seafood Restaurant) come in and shake things up. Kirin’s dim sum is always so seasonal. We went back to Bao Bei.........

By Judith Fein

If you dream of having a personal Chinese chef or can’t go more than a week without thinking about wontons, dim sum, hand-shredded chicken, bamboo shoots, or sweet and sour pork, then all you have to do is fly to Canada.

In this city of 200,000, where Vancouver International Airport is located, close to 75 percent of the population comes from China. All around you, people speak Chinese, signs are in Chinese, and.........

by Joyce Lam

As you know, for about 2 months I was out and about eating at many Chinese restaurants in Lower Mainland to help discover the best restaurants for the Chinese Restaurant Awards. If you are following our Twitter and Instagram feed you would see pictures of some of the places I visited, without leaving you a clue of what I thought about the food. Well, it’s secret no more!.........

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