Vancouver’s Chinese Food – Undiscovered Gems by Savvy Insider

It’s a known fact.

But it’s not a widely-known fact that Vancouver has the best Chinese food in the world outside China.

Most of us have a few favourite Chinese restaurants that we go to over and over again.

But on the Vancouver Chinese culinary scene chefs are dazzling the world with their amazing and sophisticated dishes.

None other than the food writers of some of the of the world’s
best-known publications – The New York Times and Gourmet magazine –
have bestowed the title of the "best Chinese food" outside China upon

The diversity and quality of Chinese food is mind boggling.

Today Metro Vancouver has 400 Chinese restaurants.

"I would say it is like the ocean. We know it’s there but we don’t
fully know what’s in it," says Jason McRobbie an ardent foodie and
freelance writer.

"The variety is outstanding and the palates of possibility are endless."

And in some areas of Metro Vancouver the choices are mind boggling.

Take Richmond – a mini Hong Kong.

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