HSBC Diners’ Choice Awards – Top three most voted restaurants revealed

Edgewater Casino Chinese Restaurant Awards 2010
HSBC Diners’ Choice Awards –  Top three most voted restaurants revealed

(Vancouver, B.C., Canada) – After 6 weeks of active casting and a total of close to 10,000 ballots, the voting of HSBC ‘Diner’s choice Awards 2010’ has come to an end as of midnight November 15, 2009. The complete list of the top three most voted restaurants under 15 categories has since been posted on .

Rae Kung, Event Manager of this exciting campaign is pleased with the immense response from the dining public. “Traffic volume to our website increased significantly as soon as the campaign is kicked off. They wanted to check out which are the nominated restaurants.” Rae said, “There’re serious diners and voters who logged on to check out the list, then checked out the restaurants and came back to vote. Compared to 7000+ ballots received last year, the 35% increase tells us the dining public is very supportive of this culinary event.”

The judging committee nominated around 300 restaurants to compete for the 15 HSBC Diner’s Choice Awards and almost every one has been voted for. “Names of the top three restaurants changed quite frequently at the beginning but by half-way, 7 or 8 categories started to show steady results.“ Rae added, “The last three days saw lots of voting activities. Inarguably, the top three most voted restaurants on the list are the ones desired by the dining public."

The judging committee is now inspecting the ballots to make sure they are all legitimate votes. The 15 winners of HSBC Diner’s Choice Awards 2010 will be officially announced on November 20th and will be posted here immediately. Watch out for the online edition of the Signature Dish Magazine – HSBC Diner’s Choice Awards 2010 supplement to be released mid December, 2009.

download list of the 45 Most Voted Restaurants in word format

(In Alphabetical order) 



The CRA wishes to thank the following partners who make the Awards possible: Edgewater Casino, HSBC Bank Canada, Mercedes-Benz, Tourism Richmond, CBC TV and Radio, China Eastern Airlines, Heineken, Underwater Harvesters Association, Georgia Straight, CHMB AM1320, Ming Pao, World Journal, Klip Magazine, 818Channel,,, Aperture Photography, Chinese Canadian Chefs Association and the Vancouver Multicultural Society.

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