2010 Chinese Restaurant Awards by UrbanDiners.ca

Ever since food and travel writer Mark Schatzker told the world to pack
their chopsticks for Vancouver “home to the best Chinese food in the
world,” in his now legendary article that came out in Condé Nast Traveler
during the February 2010 Winter Olympics, “interest in the Chinese
Restaurant Awards has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception
last year,” says Craig Stowe, CRA Founder and Director.

The CRA are divided into two components: The Critics’ Choice
Signature Dish Awards and the HSBC Diners’ Choice Awards. The Awards
announcements were split up for 2010 to accommodate the Olympics with
the HSBC Diners’ Choice Awards being announced last November and the
Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Awards revealed on April 7th.

Evaluating over 400 Chinese restaurants from Metro Vancouver to
arrive at the ‘Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Awards’ is no easy task,
but over the course of the last year, 8 judges did just that, producing
a short list that all the critics carefully analyzed to finally select
the 50 medalists (25 gold, 25 silver).