Top Chinese dishes honoured by Metro News

By Anya Levykh
We started at Ken’s Chinese Restaurant (1097 Kingsway), which won this
year for its pink scallop dish, baked live in the half-shell, and
doused in a light curry. Ken’s also won this year in the Alaska King
Crab/Lobster category, for their braised lobster with taro noodles,
cooked in a clay pot. The noodles were plump and tied into little
bundles, and mixed with chunks of ginger, steamed vegetables and broth.

Next stop was Shanghai Village (3250 Cambie St.), which won the
Most Innovative Signature Dish award for their stir-fried fish noodles
with enoki mushrooms. The noodles are actually made from fish, and are
tossed with the mushrooms and red pepper for a delectable slurpy meal.
We also had some of their aromatic soups, which didn’t win any awards,
surprisingly enough. These are brewed for several days in enormous clay
pots, and change frequently. One day, it might be a tonic for the
nerves, another day it’ll pep up your love life.