Judge Robert Wong on Business in Vancouver

Camel meat making inroads in Vancouver

Exotic meat supplier Hills Foods Ltd. has started selling camel meat in
Vancouver although so far it has only been for special events.

The company has had more success selling the meat in Toronto to
members of that city’s Muslim community, which like it because it is
prepared in accordance with traditional Halal practices.

Local chefs, however, are starting to express interest.

“I would serve it for sure,” Sean Heather told Business in Vancouver.

He owns about a half dozen Vancouver restaurants including the Irish Heather and the Everything Café.

could make a stew out of it so people would get the flavour, which is a
little different, but is in a format that they’re familiar with. You
could put that into a pot pie with some vegetables and some nice gravy.”

Robert Wong is similarly curious about the exotic meat.

Wong is well known in the Chinese community for being a judge of the Chinese Restaurant Awards. He told BIV that he plans to open a new restaurant in February that will include some exotic meat offerings.

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