Good Choice Chinese Restaurant is an award winner – Vancouver Sun

By Mia Stainsby

The names of the last two restaurants in this spot
isn’t marketing at its best. Until 10 months ago, it was Super
Happiness. Then the restaurant chef, Raymond Ma took it over with a
partner, Tom Mah, and renamed it Good Choice which sounds so basic, you
wonder, do they give a darn?

The name is, in fact, right on. It is a good choice.
Prices are very reasonable, the food is superior (seafood is very fresh
and skillfully handled) and temptingly plated; servers go above and
beyond the call of duty with their welcome. Plates are changed
frequently, tea topped up, and fuss over you. A male server patiently
answered our nosy questions. A female server spoke poor English but
shone many high-beam smiles, like high-fives, whenever she passed by.

Ma’s cooking won not one, but two, awards at the
recent Chinese Restaurant Awards for top signature dishes. One was for
his Chiu Chow duck and the other, for the stir-fried scallops with
celery, ginger and XO sauce. I tried both and I’d say they’re well
deserved awards. The scallops, alive just before our meal, were local
and very fresh, cooked just to the right moment. After this newspaper
published the award winners, they had Caucasian customers come in, a
previous rarity, he said.

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