Top Ten Chinese Restaurants in Richmond, BC in Canada – USA Today

By Linsay Evans

Richmond has the highest
proportion of immigrants of any Canadian city, and of those, almost 27
percent are from China and 23 percent are from Hong Kong, as of the 2006
census. With such a large Chinese population, you’d be correct if you
expected to find some great Chinese restaurants in town. In fact, more
than 20 of the 2011 HSBC Chinese Restaurant Awards were given to
Richmond establishments. Whether you crave Cantonese dim sum, barbecue,
or Hong Kong-style street food, Richmond can provide.

HK B.B.Q. Master

B.B.Q. Master (no website; 145-4651 No. 3 Road; Richmond; 604-272-6568)
received the HSBC Critic’s Choice and Diner’s Choice awards for best
Chinese barbecue. The restaurant specializes in semi-fat pork loin,
ordered fresh daily, roasted with five-spice and Muigweloo wine.

Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant

Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant ( was awarded the HSBC
Critic’s Choice award for King Crab. As well as a selection of live
seafood, including geoducks, prawns and potato eels, Sun Sui Wah offers
roasted squab and dim sum.

Shiang Garden

Garden Chinese Restaurant (no website; 2200-4540 No.3 Road; Richmond;
604-273-8858) received the HSBC’s Critic’s Choice awards for lobster and
pork. The restaurant creates its own blend of soy sauce using
ingredients such as shallots, leeks and wine.

Hakkasan Contemporary Chinese Cuisine

Contemporary Chinese Cuisine ( won the HSBC Diner’s Choice
award for best service. Hakkasan creates modern versions of traditional
Chinese dishes. Specialties include braised plum duck, quail and fungus
soup, and Hakka ancient-style salt-baked chicken.

Kirin Restaurant

Kirin Restaurant ( won the HSBC Diner’s Choice
awards for best fine dining and best dining environment. The menu
features Cantonese cuisine with an emphasis on seafood, with specialties
such as braised shark fin and abalone with jelly fish.

Jade Seafood Restaurant

Jade Seafood Restaurant ( received the HSBC Critic’s
Choice award for chicken and the Diner’s Choice award for best Cantonese
dim sum. Dim sum selections include traditional steamed prawn, wild
mushroom and steamed eel with tangerine peel.

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant (no website; 3711 No. 3 Road; Richmond;
604-232-0816) took the HSBC Critic’s Choice awards for prawns and squab.
Specialties include local spot prawns fried in soy sauce and dried,
2-week-old squab that have been fed with special food.

Deer Garden Signatures

Hong Kong-style street food, the HSBC Diner’s Choice award went to Deer
Garden Signatures ( This Richmond café serves a lunch
menu featuring build-your-own soups with ingredients such as fish, crab
cakes, mushrooms and beef brisket topped with your choice of noodles and

Rainflower Seafood Restaurant

the best Chinese desserts in Richmond, the HSBC Critic’s Choice award
went to Rainflower Seafood Restaurant (no website; 3600 No. 3 Road;
Richmond; 604-278-7288). The dim sum-style desserts feature ingredients
such as durian, blue cheese and fermented tofu inside warm, flaky

Red Star Seafood Restaurant

innovative Chinese cuisine, the HSBC critics picked the Red Star
Seafood Restaurant (no website; 2200-8181 Cambie Road; Richmond;
604-270-3003), a central Richmond eatery that uses organic and wild
ingredients. Specialties include fresh crab on a bed of Zizania wild
rice, dried scallops and free-range eggs.