Put your Chopsticks Together for the first Signature Dish Dining Festival

(Vancouver, B.C.) – Opportunities to sample exclusive menus at the city’s finest dining spots have been fascinating to food enthusiasts and culinary travelers alike. With goals to solidify Vancouver and Richmond’s top position for Chinese dining destinations outside of China, Chinese Restaurant Awards celebrates the excellence of local Chinese culinary scene with the Signature Dish Dining Festival, an much-anticipated extravaganza where the public is invited to sample award-winning Chinese signature dishes in a “dine-out” festival setting.


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Created and organized by Chinese Restaurant Awards (CRA), the Signature
Dish Dining Festival is the first of its kind in North America. It
will take place between November 1st – 18th, 2011, with 18 restaurants
in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby participating, each offering
different exclusive menus designed and prepared by top local Chinese
chefs. Diners may choose from menus for 4 people at $100, menus for 6
people at $150, or menus for 10 at $300, and find out about these
exciting menus online at the Festival’s official website:
To participate, diners may simply call or
make reservations at the participating restaurants and make note of
their desire to try the Signature Dish Dining Festival’s menu.

“With aims to strengthen Vancouver and Richmond’s Chinese culinary
scene, Chinese Restaurant Awards has been a forerunner in encouraging
the use of fresh Canadian ingredients in Chinese Signature Dishes. We
are very excited to invite local diners and international culinary
travelers to experience their best of Greater Vancouver’s Chinese
cuisine, with this one-of-a-kind Signature Dishes Dining Festival,”
states Mr. Craig Stowe, Founding Director of the Chinese Restaurant
Awards. “Dine-out events have been successful in capturing an
international spotlight on a city’s culinary excellence, while CRA also
inspired Chinese travel journalists’ stories in highlighting the
representation of Chinese food in overseas. CRA looks forward to
attract more tourists, especially from other regions in North America
and Mainland China, to stay and dine in Vancouver and Richmond, while
experiencing our very own Signature Dish Dining Festival.”

Signature Dish Dining Festival breaks ground by establishing a
creative platform that encourages local Chinese chefs to create
innovative dishes with fresh, local ingredients, while the public take
part in enjoying them. The festival will feature award-winning
Signature Dishes previously honored by CRA, such as Jade Seafood
Restaurant’s smoked grandpa chicken, Alvin Garden’s tea smoked duck, and
Rainflower Restaurant’s lamb rack in Chinese wine sauce. Besides
Canadian seafoods, the Festival will also shine a spotlight on Alberta
beef and Alberta pork. There will be a good number of exciting new
dishes created especially for this Festival, which includes a new
variation of the traditional Chinese Dongpo Pork dish, made with Alberta
pork, Amoy cooking sauces and designed by Shiang Garden’s executive
chef P. Wing Leung.

Building on CRA’s three consecutive years of success with Diner’s Choice
Awards, diners can vote online for the Best Restaurant, Best Service,
Best Dinning Environment and Most Innovative, all under the Signature
Dish Dining Festival category in the upcoming Diner’s Choice Awards
commencing this November. Eight critics from this year’s CRA judging
panel will also taste the dine-out dishes from all 18 participating
restaurants and carefully select dishes that are best fit for the
following award categories: Best Alberta Beef, Best Alberta Pork, and
Best dish made with Amoy Sauces. Results will constitute to CRA 2012‘s
Critics Choice Award and will be announced at CRA award ceremony on
January 17, 2012.

The Chinese Restaurant Awards wishes to thank the following sponsors who
help to make these awards possible: Mercedes-Benz, Alberta Livestock
and Meat Agency, Hennessy Cognac, Heneiken, Cupcake Vineyards, Amoy Food
limited, Anchor Foods International Limited, Richmond Review,
Westender, New Home Living, Atherethere.com, TheRedPocket.com, What’s In Magazine and Westca.com

Participating Restaurants

1. Alvin Garden
4850 Imperial Street, Burnaby (604-437-0828)
Executive chef: Ling Kang Zheng

2. Bamboo Grove
6920 No.3 Road, Richmond (604-278-9585)
Executive chef: Ming Yeung

3. Empire Chinese Cuisine
8251 Alexandra Road, Richmond (604-303-9780)
Executive chef: Nam Chui

4. Fortune House Seafood Restaurant
2199A-4700 Kingsway, Burnaby (604-438-8686)
Executive chef: Wing Ho

5. Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant
3489 Fraser Street, Vancouver (604-568-1288)
Executive chef: Yiu Fung Lau

6. Gingeri Chinese Cuisine
#323-5300 No. 3 Road, Richmond (604-278-6006)
Executive chefs: C. H. Lo & H. W. Li

7. Golden Swan Seafood Restaurant
5380 Victoria Drive, Vancouver (604-321-6621)
Executive chef: Chi Ling Tam

8. Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant
4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby (604-432-6002)
Executive chef: Anthony Leung

9. The Jade Seafood Restaurant
8511 Alexandra Road, Richmond (604-249-0082)
Executive chef: Tony Luk

10. Neptune Seafood Restaurant
#100-8171 Ackroyd Road, Richmond (604-207-9888)
Executive chef: Wing Tam

11. Northern Delicacy
#2788-4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond (604-233-7050)
Executive chef: Henry Ng

12. Prince Chinese Seafood Restaurant
2881 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver (604-430-6808)
Executive chef: Kin Man Ng

13. Rainflower Seafood Restaurant
3600 No. 3 Road, Richmond (604-278-7288)
Executive chef: Wing Kuen Wu

14. Red Star Seafood Restaurant (Richmond branch)
#2200-8181 Cambie Road, Richmond (604-270-3003)
Executive chef: Yen Li

15. Shi-Art Chinese Cuisine
#1302-6551 No.3 Road, Richmond (604-279-8998)
Executive chef: Horace Ho

16. Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant
#2200-4540 No.3 Road, Richmond (604-273-8858)
Executive chef: P. Wing Leung

17. Victory Seafood Restaurant
#2216-4500 Kingsway, Burnaby (604-456-0383)
Executive chef: Wei Guo Yao

18. Vivacity Restaurant
#110-8351 Alexandra Road, Richmond (604-279-1513)
Executive chef: David Li

For more information on the Chinese Restaurant Awards: www.chineserestaurantawards.com
Official Site of the Signature Dining Festival: www.ChineseDiningGuide.com
To nominate your favorite restaurants and cast your vote: www.votedinerschoice.com
Chinese Restaurant Awards’ Facebook page & Twitter @CRADiningGuide


Written by Wai Lam Cheung

Media Contact
Rae Kung
Event Manager
778.829.6244  // rae@ChineseRestaurantAwards.com