Foodie Friday, AX3 Multimedia

By David Li

Foodie Fridays has shared much foodie talk and tips with you, and
now, it’s only about time that we hear back from you! The itching
question we have? What are your favourite Chinese Restaurants in Vancouver?

If you are a foodie, addicted to good food, and have a knack for
being the most outspoken restaurant critic in your circle of friends,
you are a wanted person. You are cordially invited to take your
overflowing (or maybe bottled up) critique and opinion that you have,
and send all of it down to the 5th Annual Chinese Restaurant Awards. Let me explain.

The 5th Annual Chinese Restaurant Awards is an influential
event highlighting Metro Vancouver’s unique and exciting Chinese
culinary scene. They are the platform for everything Chinese food –
serving as a restaurant and dining guide for local and visiting food
lovers. They have also evolved into an encouraging platform for Chinese
chefs in Metro Vancouver to experiment with dishes that reflect on
traditional flavours, while incorporating new and innovative culinary

The event will be a culmination of two components: the awards are
divided into a Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Awards (awarded by a panel
of distinguished food writers and industry influencers) and the
publicly-chosen Diner’s Choice Awards. The Critics’ Choice Signature
Dish awards will be tackled by 7 critics in search for the best in
Chinese Dishes, awarded by distinguished food writers and industry
influencers (see here for a run-down of categories and critics).


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