The public has spoken – Winners of Diners’ Choice Awards

The public has spoken –
1st Annual Edgewater Casino Chinese Restaurant Awards announces winners of Diners’ Choice Awards

Diners casted over 7500 votes and chose their favourite restaurants in 10 different categories of Diners’ Choice Awards.

Voting is now over!  The result of the publicly voted Diners’ Choice Awards is listed below.  This is the first part of the Chinese Restaurant Awards which kicked off six weeks ago and was for the dining public to support their most favourite restaurants in Metro Vancouver; the second part is the Critics’ Choice Awards where a panel of judges, led by esteemed Food Writer & Cookbook Author Stephen Wong and Food & Travel Writer & Broadcaster Stephanie Yuen, will choose Critics’ Choice Awards –  25  ‘Signature Dishes’  in a break from traditional restaurant awards.

All 10 Diners’ Choice and 25 Critics’ Choice winners will receive their prestigious awards at the Chinese Restaurant Awards Ceremony taking place on January 15, 2009 at Edgewater Casino’s Stadium Club.


Best Dim Sum Restaurant 

 Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant
 3888 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, V5V 3N9

Best Cantonese Restaurant  

 Mui Garden

 5797 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC, V5P3W5

Best Northern Chinese Restaurant

 Shanghai River Restaurant
 7831 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC, V6X4J4

Best Hot Pot Restaurant  

 Chubby Lamb Hotpot Restaurant

 Suite 2160, 8391 Alexandra Rd, Richmond, BC, V6X3W5

Best Taiwanese Restaurant / Bubble Tea Café

 Well Tea

 Unit170 – 4811 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC, V6X 3K7

Best Hong Kong Style Café

 Gloucester Cafe

 3338 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC, V5Z2W5

Best Noodle Soup Restaurant

 Sha Lin Noodle House

 548 Broadway W, Vancouver, BC, V5Z1E9

Best Congee Restaurant

 Hon’s Wun Tun House

 Suite 108, 268 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC, V6A1X5

Best Chinese Bakery Shop  

 Anna’s Cake House

 5510 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC, V5Z3A2

Best BBQ Shop / Restaurant  

 BBQ Master

 Suite 145-4651 No. 3 Rd, Richmond, BC, V6X 2C4



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OFFICIAL CRA 2009 “SIGNATURE DISH” MAGAZINE: MingPao Friday Gourmet Supplement

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