Behind the Signature Dishes by Bensan Li

Bensan Li

CBC Radio Canada International Chinese program host, Maple Magazine columnist, Vancouver Film & Television Artist’s Society 

“Enriched by over five thousand years of culture and history; accentuated by its vast geographic and climatic variations; China is a land of flavours.
Here in Vancouver there is no shortage of skilled Chinese chefs and their scrumptious culinary creations. Their larger than life stories of how they came to this strange land, started building new dreams and new careers in their known trades with bare hands and years of experiences.  Little did they know; they also laid a strong foundation that flourishes in greater Vancouver’s promising Chinese food horizon. These are true pioneers who introduced authentic Chinese cuisine to Western Canada. 

The Chinese Restaurant Awards not only pays a long overdue tribute to
these hard working folks by recognizing them and thanking them for
making Vancouver the top Chinese culinary haven in North. America.

is definitely not an easy task selecting 25 ‘Signature Dishes’ amongst
400+ local Chinese restaurants.  We searched high and low, left to
right; and we let our palates do the choosing. This year is only the
beginning of our journey to unveil other ‘Signature Dishes’.  Those
that did not make it to the list this year, behold, there is always
next year!”