Exemplary Chinese cuisine honoured by the annual HSBC’s Diner’s Choice Awards by Examiner.com

Vancouver is a city that boasts of vibrant multiculturalism and the
countless offerings of authentic ethnic cuisine is one definite
signifier. As the arguable Chinese cuisine capital of North America,
visitors travel for a taste of its renowned dim sum, noodles, congee,
and other regional Chinese fare. (San Francisco readers, care to

Elsewhere, "Chinese Food" may be clumped into an all-encompassing
category or even viewed as an alternative to take-out pizza but food.
Conscious Vancouverites will not stand for it. On Nov. 20, HSBC’s Diner’s Choice Awards
honored Chinese restaurants that are on top of the game under 15
categories as defined by the region, style, service, and even
ambiance.  The categories included paint a good picture of Chinese
cuisine’s diversity.

While some well-established restaurants take the top spot without much
surprise such as Top Chinese Restaurant for the Best Casual Restaurant,
Au Wing Kee Restaurant for Best Noodles, and Congee Noodle House for
Best Congee, new contenders did not fall behind. Copa Café risked
opening on Cambie Street despite the effects of the Canada Line
construction and took home the title of Best Hong Kong–style Café.
Meanwhile, diners may find it odd that the obvious choices such as
Kirin or Top Gun did not even make top three spots.
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