Chinese Restaurant Awards Moveable Feast by

I was honoured to be invited to the Chinese Restaurant Awards Moveable Feast
on December 8th that included various members of the media along with
some publicists and Stepanie Yuen who were on hand to explain each of
the dishes to us. This wasn’t any ordinary dinner, it was quite the
feast. I lost track somewhere after the 18 or so dishes that we had
sampled in the 3 restaurants with food from 5 of the winners.

Here goes the culinary journey, that began and ended in Richmond.

Started off the evening at Northern Delicacy Restaurant (Silver award winner – Best Environment)
at Unit 2788, 4151 Hazelbridge Way inside Aberdeen Centre. Here we
dined in a private room, banquet style in the round with a spin top
table to move around our various dishes. Our server poured a Sumac
Ridge Brut and Chinese tea all around for those that wanted bubbly or

Our first course was a BBQ Platter from B.B.Q. Master (Gold award winner – Best BBQ Shop)
which is another restaurant located at #145 -4651 No. 3 Road. Chef Erik
delivered his platter to us to eat as our first course and I enjoyed
the BBQ Duck and BBQ Chicken with the tasty green onion and ginger

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