A Chinese Dine-Around Extravaganza on Edible British Columbia

By Stephanie Yuen

The arrival of 2010 literally meant I’d be celebrating my silver
anniversary as a food writer. Not sure if doing the same thing for 25
years is an indication of how much I like my job, but I do admit there
have been many breathtaking moments when food takes centre stage.  As
we say goodbye to 2009, allow me to take this opportunity to share with
you one of those moments – a Chinese restaurant dine-around which
wrapped up 2009 in marvels.

The dine-around took place in Richmond, 3 restaurants and 5 eateries
were featured, all are the 2010 winners of ‘Diners Choice Awards’, the
publicly voted award system of Edgewater Casino Chinese Restaurant

We kicked off the evening at Northern Delicacy, a Northern Chinese
restaurant inside Aberdeen Centre with Sumac Ridge’s Stella Jay and an
enviable platter of BBQ goodies delivered to the restaurant by the
chef-owner Eric Leung of BBQ Master. BC Brut with Chinese BBQs was
definitely a first to many of the guests, but they did pair wonderfully.

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