Conde Nast Traveler magazine says Vancouver has best Chinese food in world by Vancouver Sun

The article is also published extensively by other major media outlets such as National Post , Toronto Life, Dallas Morning News , Nanimo Daily News
and many more. 

Gee, shucks. Can we take all the compliments?

First, The
Economist tells us Vancouver is the world’s most livable city (2009
ranking) and now Conde Nast Traveler tells us in its February issue
that we have the best Chinese food in the world.

With apologies to Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Taipei, San Francisco and other contenders, we humbly accept the honour.

down in Toronto, Conde Nast Traveler writer Mark Schatzker says: “I
would say I’ve eaten Chinese food all over North America and in China
and the best I’ve eaten in the world was in Vancouver. Hands down. From
the point of view of Conde Nast Traveler, that’s unquestionably so.

was shocked at how good the food was. It’s funny when I was first told
[by local Chinese food writer Stephanie Yuen] that it was the best in
the world, I was skeptical. I thought it was hyperbole but by the end,
I thought, no, she’s right. In China, apart from a couple of
exceptions, the food isn’t much different from better restaurants in
Toronto, New York. But the experience in Vancouver left me trembling.”

To read the full article, please go to Vancouver Sun