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Where to eat Asian in Vancouver?

I’ve heard that there’s great Chinese food to be had in Vancouver. Where should I go to find the real thing?

there is plenty of great Asian food in Vancouver, to go to the mecca,
head south to Richmond, just a short ride on the new Canada Line rapid
transit line.

With a population that’s 65 per cent Asian,
Richmond has the highest concentration of people of Asian descent in
Canada. And in Richmond, the highest concentration of restaurants can
be found on one street: Alexandra Road.

Here, in a three-block stretch, you’ll find an astounding 200 restaurants. No wonder it’s called "Food Street."

would say just come down Alexandra Road and you won’t be
disappointed," says Stacey Chyau, who grew up in Taiwan but now lives
in Richmond.

But where to begin ? Here are three spots to get you started:

Jade Seafood Restaurant: This large restaurant won the Vancouver
Chinese Restaurant Award for the best Cantonese dim sum and is popular
with multi-generational families. Don’t miss the Sautéed Sliced Lotus
Roots ($6.69) or the award-winning Steamed Mushroom Dumplings ($4.88).

8511 Alexandra Rd.

Cattle Café: This small café attracts the young, hip crowd for its
Hong-Kong-style Chinese comfort food. You’ll find everything from
Barbecued Eel Sandwiches with Fries ($5.75) to Prawns in Creamy Corn
Bacon Demi-Glaze with Spaghetti ($8.95).

1020-8580 Alexandra Rd.

Well Tea Taiwanese Restaurant: In addition to 150 kinds of bubble tea,
this attractive spot serves snacks and a Chicken with Three Spices
dish that captured the Golden Chef Award at the Chinese Restaurant

4811 Hazelbridge Way (at the corner of Alexandra Road).

Laura Robin, the Ottawa Citizen

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