DINING by the Awards : The Next Level of East Meets West

Gryphon Development presents DINING by the Awards
The Next Level of East Meets West
14 master chefs and culinary artists to present their memories of Chinese cuisine


Raise your chopsticks for an exciting dining series where culinary masters of both the East and the West will present their best offerings to your plate. As part of the Chinese Restaurant Awards’ continuous support in building Vancouver as the North American gourmet city for all cuisines, “DINING by the Awards”, presented by the acclaimed Gryphon Development, is proud to announce a series of four stellar dining events that encompass the talents of Vancouver’s top culinary master craftsmen and artists in Canadian, French, Asian, and Cantonese cuisines.

“At Gryphon Development, art is the core of everything we do to create inspired living experiences. Culinary art has a significant influence to connect people in Vancouver and should be nurtured for the future. We support the visionary of the collaborative, culinary artist-driven approach of the DINING by the Awards”, said Jason Hsu, CEO and Founder of Gryphon Development.

Returning exclusively for “DINING by the Awards” will be two Chinese Master Chefs — Sam Leung (retired Executive Chef of Dynasty Seafood Restaurant) and Tony Luk (retired Executive Chef from The Jade Seafood Restaurant). Their legacies in reinventing and elevating Chinese cuisine in Vancouver have made their return a much anticipated event by diners, eager to taste their superlative cooking once again.

Tony He, executive chef at Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant and the protegé of Hong Kong Abalone Master Yeung Koon Yat, will be directing his team and work with Executive Chef Angus An from Maenam, Vancouver Magazine’s 2016 Restaurant of the Year. Alex Chen, 2018 Iron Chef Winner and Executive Chef – Signature Restaurants at Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar will be exploring the flavors of his Chinese heritage during this exclusive dining series. Other exceptional participating chefs will be Executive Chef Wesley Young of Pidgin, Chef Douglas Chang (owner of Ai & Om), MasterChef Canada Season 5 finalist Chef Eugene Cheng, Executive Chef Tam Chi Ling of the Jade Seafood Restaurant, Executive Chef Cao Can Hui of Dynasty Seafood Restaurant, Executive Chef Tommy Pang and Dim Sum Chef David Luo of Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant, Executive Chef Yao Wei Guang and Dim Sum Chef Keong Wong of Peninsula Seafood Restaurant.

“DINING by the Awards” will not only impress diners, but also create a platform for young, aspiring chefs to explore their culinary aspirations. Since 2014, Chinese Restaurant Awards has established a scholarship at VCC Foundation. By inviting VCC culinary arts students to learn from and to assist chefs at these four dining events, students are encouraged to witness the mastery from renowned chefs first hand, and to aim higher for their own careers.

“DINING by the Awards will feature the best chefs of all cuisines collaborate with award winning Cantonese cuisine restaurants to build a distinctly Vancouver point of view of Chinese food. Young chefs working at these events will have an incredible working experience, all made possible by the generosity of these top tier chefs. It’s going to be really exciting to taste the new dishes that will be created during these collaborative dinners!” explained Lee Man, founding judge of the Awards.

The one-of-a-kind creations at “Dining by the Awards” will reflect the chefs’ deepest memories of Chinese cuisine, a way to both share traditional knowledge and showcase their modern creativity. Critics’ Choice Awards judges Alexandra Gill, Lee Man, Brendon Mathews and William Ho will be leading the events and share dining excellence at its finest with participating diners.

During the months of May and June, diners can indulge in top-notch collaborative cuisine with six or eight course dinners, created with a focus on Canadian ingredients, and paired with a curated wine experience. Event lineups and dates are as follow:

Thursday, May 2nd
At the Jade Seafood Restaurant, Richmond: Chinese Master Chef Tony Luk and Executive Chef Tam Chi Ling with Iron Chef and Executive Chef – Signature Restaurants Alex Chen of Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar.

Friday, May 17th
At the Peninsula Seafood Restaurant, Vancouver: Executive Chef Yao Wei Guang and Dim Sum Chef Keong Wong with MasterChef Canada Season 5 finalist Chef Eugene Cheng

Thursday, May 30th
At Dynasty Seafood Restaurant, Vancouver: Chinese Master Chef Sam Leung and Executive Chef Cao Can Hui with Executive Chef Wesley Young of Pidgin and Chef Douglas Chang of “Ai & OM”

Thursday, June 6th
At Chef Tony Chinese Restaurant, Richmond: Chinese Master Chef Tony He, Executive Chef Tommy Pang and Dim Sum Chef David Luo with Executive Chef Angus An of Restaurant of the Year 2016 – Maenam

For further information and ways to make a reservation at this highly coveted dinging series, please visit http://www.ChineseRestaurantAwards.com/DINING-2019

The Chinese Restaurant Awards wish to thank the following partners: Gryphon Development, Alberta Canola Growers, China Eastern Airlines, River Rock Casino Resort, Underwater Harvesters Association, Oceanwise, Twiisted Media, Fantuan Takeout and Technology Support, Singtao Daily, Pure Luxury Magazine, A Bite of Vancouver, City365.com and Vanpeople.com.


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About Chinese Restaurant Awards The Awards were launched in 2008 on two founding principles: to raise awareness for the exceptional Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine available in Metro Vancouver and to create a platform for cross-cultural culinary exchange, to support the development of a more vibrant and dynamic dining scene. The Awards are organized into two sections: Diners’ Choice Awards and Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Awards. The annual selections are widely recognized as the authority on Chinese food and serve as the go-to restaurant guide for visiting and local food lovers. The Chinese Restaurant Awards are celebrating their 11th anniversary this year and are now the longest running Chinese culinary awards event in the world. Since their founding, the Awards have distinguished themselves as pioneers of the Vancouver Chinese and Taiwanese food scene, striving to always inspire, excite, and engage diners.