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Some top chefs from Canada, China and France joined forces on Friday evening at a popular restaurant in Vancouver to showcase the best of East and West, as part of the city’s 8th annual Chinese Restaurant Awards.
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Since 2008, the Chinese Restaurant Awards have been a highlight of Vancouver’s unique and exciting Chinese culinary scene.
The awards serve as a restaurant and dining guide for food lovers by awarding the top restaurants the best Chinese dish, social media award, or the diner’s choice award.
SOUNDBITE(English): CRAIG STOWE, President, Chinese Restaurant Awards
“Chinese Restaurant Awards really are a celebration of this unique culinary achievement that we have in Vancouver and Richmond. We have over 350 restaurants that specialize in Chinese cuisine so Northern Chinese, Southern Chinese, Dim Sum, noodle houses, fine dining. It’s quite amazing. It’s one of the top places outside of Hong Kong and China to have Chinese dishes.”
On Friday, the awards organizers invited three top chefs from the Shangri-La hotel chain in Vancouver and Paris, as well as one of city’s top pastry chefs for a multi-course dinner under the theme of “East Meets West”.
Those chefs took turns presenting their top dishes inspired by both Western and Chinese ingredients, techniques and traditions.
SOUNDBITE (English): KEN NAKANO, Executive Chef of Market by Jean Georges
“Together we’ve made an eight course menu with wines. It’s going to be spectacular, very exciting.”
The event organizer says Vancouver has been going through a culinary transformation, with Chinese restaurants becoming a key part of the food scene.
SOUNDBITE (English): CRAIG STOWE, President, Chinese Restaurant Awards
“In Vancouver, what’s happened is half the population is Asian and a big portion of that is Chinese.
The winners of the awards will be announced on Monday, and the awards show will take place in Vancouver on March 2nd.