Vancouver’s unique Chinese food scene gets a high profile shout out – Dailyhive

By Lindsay William-Ross | Read original

It’s slowly becoming one of the world’s worst kept secrets: Vancouver has killer Chinese food.

The latest love letter was published this week in the Washington Post, via an article penned by Vancouver food writer Eagranie Yuh, who does a deep dive into what makes Vancouver’s Chinese food so great, so enduring, and, at the same time, so evolutionary.

With just four stops on her “backyard” eating tour led by Lee Man (a fellow food writer and judge for the Chinese Restaurant Awards,) the piece covers meals at Chinatown’s New Town Bakery, Richmond’s Hoitong Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Peninsula Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver’s Oakridge Centre, and Dynasty Seafood Restaurant on West Broadway.

At each spot, the diners uncover ways in which Vancouver’s Chinese food scene reflects the best of its own rich traditions, as well as the very modern eater–no matter from what part of the world that eater hails.

“While the dishes themselves are straight out of Hong Kong, there is a Vancouverness to the meal,” observes Yuh at Hoitong.

Does Vancouver have some of the best Chinese food in the world? It’s certainly been proclaimed a few times (like earlier this year by, for example). And the rising popularity of Metro Vancouver’s Chinese Restaurant Awards, Richmond’s fun “Dumpling Trail,” promo are doing a great job of showcasing the range of excellent Chinese food to be found in the region.

Speaking of the Chinese Restaurant Awards, the 2017 Diners’ Choice is now open for voting, so there’s no better time (like, really) than now to go on your own backyard exploration of Vancouver’s fantastic Chinese food.