Annual Chinese Restaurant Award Results – Like Vancouver

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By Tyler Summers

The 8th Annual Chinese Restaurant Awards celebrated the best Chinese cuisine in Metro Vancouver. Here are the results.

We know you love food. And if you are like us, you also love Chinese food. With so many amazing Chinese restaurants in Vancouver, choosing where to go can be difficult. Rather than go down the Yelp review rabbit hole, or take advice from your self-proclaimed foodie buddies, we have the results gathered from an expert panel of real food critics. You know, people with actual culinary smarts.

Winners of the Critics Choice Signature Dish Awards

Salt and pepper crusted dungeness crabLandmark Hotpot House – 4023 Cambie Street, Vancouver (604) 872-2868


Sablefish with shredded pork, luffa, pickled vegetables in congee soupDynasty Seafood Restaurant – #108-777 West Broadway, Vancouver (604) 876-8388

Steamed egg with clamsShoom Restaurant – 6555 Fraser Street, Vancouver (604) 568-7797


Charcoal grilled duckChef Tony Seafood Restaurant – #101-4600 No.3 Road, Richmond (604) 279-0083

Chicken with sticky rice in claypot – Golden Eats Seafood Restaurant – 2141 Kingsway, Vancouver (604) 336-3389

Lamb hotpotThe Jade Seafood Restaurant – 8511 Alexandra Road, Richmond (604) 249-0082

Lamb in soupOld Xian’s Food – #2010-8580 Alexandra Road, Richmond (604) 370-3888

Braised winter melon with vegetable and mushroomDynasty Seafood Restaurant – #108-777 West Broadway, Vancouver (604) 876-8388

Tofu skin wrapped mushrooms with vegetable – Hoitong Chinese Seafood Restaurant – #155-8191 Westminster Hwy, Richmond (604) 276-9229

Durian egg tart – Yue Delicacy Restaurant – 8077 Alexandra Road, Richmond (604) 233-1219


Winners of the Social Media Choice Awards (new award category this year)

Best Sichuan water-boiled fishTian Shi Fu Restaurant – 8151 Alexandra Road, Richmond (604) 273-3388


Best Taiwanese braised pork rice – Corner 23 – 4008 Cambie Street, Vancouver (604) 879-8815


Best Hong Kong-style roast duck – Parker Place (Aberdeen) Meat & BBQ – #1020-4380 No.3 Road, Richmond (604) 233-1138

Best Shanghai-style drunken chickenTop Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant – #120-5880 No.3 Road, Richmond (604) 278-8790

Best mango sago with pomelo/grapefruit – Doolami Dessert – 8030 Granville Street, Vancouver (778) 737-7123

There you have it. Go out and try the winning selections for yourself and Insta/tweet your culinary experiences at @CRADiningGuide or @ChineseRestaurantAwards or @likevancouver.